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The Laces "Kirchta" Festival

29 Jun 2016

Each year in June, the residents of Laces/Latsch celebrate the "Kirchta" festival.

Herbs and Mountain Flowers in the Upper Venosta Valley

25 Jun - 02 Jul 2016

Participants learn about the vast variety of herbs and mountain flowers of the Upper Venosta Valley

Westbound Generation for Africa 2016

02 Jul 2016

Amazing music- festival for young and old.

Festival at the Malga at Morter

03 Jul 2016

The tradicional festival at the Malga at Morter is a must for all generations!

2. Blue Shoppingnight in Silandro

08 Jul 2016

The blue shoppingnight Silandro is a particular long evening shopping.

1. International Woodcarver-Symposium

14 Jul - 16 Jul 2016

Six international artists will work for three days in the pedestrian zone of Schlanders/Silandro.

Lake Resia Run

16 Jul 2016

On July 16 there will take place the popular Lake Resia Run.

Evening concert of the band of Laces

21 Jul 2016

Enjoy the summer and brisk music with the band of Laces.

Pole vault in the cultural square

22 Jul 2016

For the 15. time this year will be held the international meeting of the pole vault in Silandro.

Fire Brigade Festival

24 Jul 2016

The Volunteer firefighters invite you to their Garden Party!

Lederhosen & Music Festival

06 Aug 2016

The traditional festival begins!

marmorweek'16 Laas/Lasa

29 Jul - 07 Aug 2016

This year's theme of marmorweek Laas/Lasa: Heart and Stone

Marble and Apricot Fair

06 Aug - 07 Aug 2016

In August 2016 takes place the popular Marble and Apricot Fair at Lasa.

Culinary and culture festival Marmor & Marillen in Lasa

06 Aug - 07 Aug 2016

The village of Lasa/Laas is famous for its marble quarry.

Vinschgau Cup 2016

12 Aug 2016

The first "Vinschgau Cup"

Culinary Lake round Tour

14 Aug 2016

The Culinary Lake Round Tour of the Zufritt Lake will be held this year in mid-August.

Celebration at the Malga Tarres Alp

14 Aug 2016

Let's celebrate at the Malga of Tarrres!

Festival at the lake at Coldrano

15 Aug 2016

The volunteer fire department invite you to the "Goldrainer Seefest"

Long friday

29 Jul - 19 Aug 2016

Friday's enjoyment and musical evening in the pedestrian zone of Silandro

South Tyrolean Knight's Games

19 Aug - 21 Aug 2016

Upper Venosta Valley is once again the ideal venue for the South Tyrolean Knights Games

"Jachim destival" at Tarres

21 Aug 2016

The firefighters invite you to the event "Jachim"

Live-music evening in the pedestrian zone Silandro

15 Jul - 26 Aug 2016

Live-Music with pleasures of the palate in the pedestrian zone Silandro


27 Aug 2016

The Stelvio Bike Day is one of the local sporting highlights and takes place on august 27th.

Garden Festival – The Coldrano and Morter Orchestra

28 Aug 2016

Traditional garden festival of the bands of Coldrano and Morter

Evening concert of the band of Laces

01 Sep 2016

This concert is a must for all music lovers

Vinschger Herbstauslese

01 Sep 2016

Enjoin the products of Val Venosta

Concert of the Tarres band

02 Sep 2016

Concert of the Tarres band -Music to enjoin

Evening concert of a local music band in Silandro

08 Jun - 07 Sep 2016

In the summer months we can enjoy songs and dances of local music bands, folk dance group and "Schuhplattler"

Tarces Ceremonial Cattle Driving

10 Sep 2016

The traditional festival for young and old

Martello Ceremonial Cattle Driving

11 Sep 2016

Traditional Ceremonial Cattle Driving- for all animal lovers

Culinariy, fashion and more

17 Sep 2016

An exciting weekend is wating for you

The Pala Pear Days of Venosta Valley

09 Sep - 18 Sep 2016

The historic town of Glorenza/Glurns in Venosta Valley is characterized by the Palabira, or the Pala pear.

"Micheli" Market

24 Sep 2016

Traditional market "Micheli" in Martello

Day of the Romanesque

15 Oct 2016

On this day free tours are organized around the many churches and chapels.

The Christmas Market in Laces

26 Nov 2016

Let yourself inspiring of our traditional Christmas market

Christmas Market in Martello Valley

08 Dec 2016

Homely atmosphere at 2.061 m

Glorenza Christmas market "light-scents-sounds"

08 Dec - 11 Dec 2016

The old arcades and the tranquil town square are the romantic backdrop for the Glorenza Christmas market.

Christmas Market in Silandro

17 Dec - 18 Dec 2016

Stands with local products, local artisans and hobbyists, surrounded by Christmas music.

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