Sights Val Venosta / Vinschgau


Glorenza / Glurns - c/o Kirchtor Turm

The native of Glurns, Paul Flora, illustrator, cartoonist and graphic artist, brought already at young age his passion for art, with an ironic and satiric express. He quickly gained a remarkable reputation far beyond the German-speaking countries and also...

Glorenza / Glurns - Via Flora / Florastr.

Since 2011 in this gate tower you can visit the exhibition "Milestones of a small town": On three floors the story of the medieval city is illustrated. It explores commercial markets, the defence, professions, peculiarities and curiosities.

Malles - Laudes

From grain to bread ... The Sandbichler Mill in Laudes/Laatsch already ground already in the 13th century and has been in private hands since the 17th century. The village mill was used by all of those bakers, farmers and artisans who had no right to their...

Malles / Mals - Via Fröhlich / Fröhlichsgasse

The castle, which dates back to the 12th or 13th century, is known to have been a seat of justice in the early 14th century and in the possession of the sovereign. The massive circular keep rises from the still relatively high remains of former dwellings. It...

Malles - Laudes

The heritage museum in Laudes/Laatsch located in a once-abandoned parish barn, opened its doors in 2004. Over four decades, a passionate collector from Laudes collected farming and household utensils and implements.

Glorenza / Glurns - Via San Pancrazio / St.-Pankratius-Gasse, 8

The millstream served those traders who needed the water for the production or processing of their products. The mill was recently restored and so it is fully functional.

Sluderno / Schluderns - Via Merano, 1 / Meranerstr., 1

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